How to Solve the 10 Most Common Watch Problems

How to Solve the 10 Most Common Watch Problems

There might occur certain delicate issues in every watch after constant use. Timepieces have their own quirks and can take some time to get back on track. With a little care and love, you can manage to keep your watch’s heartbeat alive and beating for long.

No matter what your timepiece is- Mondaine watch, Triwa watches, Olivia Burton watches, or the Braun watches, all potential problems and their solutions are given below:


  • Watch stopped working.


      1. Make sure that the battery in your watch is replaced if needed. Most batteries for watches are designed in a way that they can last for about two years. However, some of the quartz watches are designed in a way to enjoy an extended battery life. They can in many cases last for up to 3 and more years. If you encounter problems in your Mondaine watches regarding battery, take them to a watch technician immediately.


  • The Second hand skipping a certain number of seconds.


      1. When the battery voltage of your watch tends to get low, this problem is fairly common. This is an indicator for the wearer of the Olivia Burton watch, by the watch itself that they might need to check up on the batteries and install new ones.


  • The chronograph battery life not being strong.


      1. The chronograph function on your Triwa timepiece is a revolutionary function. However, it might lead to taking up a lot of energy from your battery. In fact, it is known that chronograph watch functions tend to take up more battery usage in comparison to their basic function of time telling. Thus, when the watch is unattended, or not necessarily needed, every now and then you can conserve the battery life by stopping the other functions.


  • Seconds hand going back and forth.


      1. You might want to consider taking your Braun watches to the nearest watch technicians to get them serviced. Servicing can help get rid up such issues.


  • Watch, when taken off does not work properly.


      1. The only thing because of which this problem can arise is electronic circuitry. When you wear your watch, your body temperature might lead to the expansion and possible breakage of circuit connection inside. Maintenance and servicing can help you fix this common issue.


  • The right time to replace the battery.


      1. Modern Quartz watches have perpetual battery features, and thus unless necessary do not change the batteries on your own. For changing the batteries you will open the watch which will lead to breaking the factory seals, you will end up losing your maintenance warranties in that case.


  • Alarm issues.


      1. The only possible and the most common issue here can be, that the alarm contact spring was not in its original place. Sending your watch to the desired service center can fix this issue.


  • The display cannot be seen.


      1. When a digital watch gets a shock because of accidents, there tends to be breakage in the internal conductive fluids that can cause such issues. The issue can be really expensive to be fixed and thus, it is recommended that your buy yourself a new digital watch instead of fixing it up.
    1. Digits in the digital display not visible.
      1. When your digital watch receives a shock as we talked about in the point above, it can cause damages to the circuitry of the watch. this prevents the display to get required amount of voltage and thus, your digits are not on display. Here also, fixing up the issue can cause a lot more than actually buying a new digital watch. it is economically feasible.


  • Buttons would not go back to their original place


    1. The tube in which the buttons of your watch might have accumulated dirt and corrosion inside, leading the watch buttons not being able to come back to their original spot. Replacing the inside springs and getting it cleaned through a watch technician can help solve the issue.


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