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What are the Must Have Watch Tools

Timepieces, no matter how exclusive they are, sometimes can be a tricky business for most of us. Even as we overindulge and invest into a timeless timepiece, we might sooner or later encounter certain complications. Timepieces like the Mondaine watches, Triwa Watches, Olivia Burton watches, or the Braun watches are some of the exclusively crafted timepieces that speak sophistication and precision, and to fix any minor or major complications that may potentially arise in them, you would require the help of not just another watch fixing guy, but of yourself. You will have to hand yourself the tools and do the job.

Here is a list of certain tools that you must possess for fixing that eternal timepiece:

  • The most essential and basic thing that your watch fixing kit must possess is a watch case opener. Through this tool, you can get right into your watch and look into what kind of issues are cropping up. Their short and blunt blades allow you to easily invade the insides of your classic Mondaine watch.
  • Once the back of your watch has been removed, the next tool you will require is various kinds of screwdrivers. Investing into watch screwdrivers is probably the best investment this is a must-have item in your watch repair kit. They allow you a smooth operation and a better functionality for your watch.
  • Once the screwdriver job is done, the next vital tool for your essential timepieces is the watch tweezers. Regular tweezers would not do the job. Specialized tweezers made for fixing watches has sharp and precise ends that can hold even the tiniest of the screws carefully. But you will need to make sure that the tweezers are not magnetic.
  • This is by far the most important tool- an eyeglass. For repairing Triwa watches, Classic Braun watches, or the Olivia burton watches, eyeglasses allow you dismantle your watch and reassemble everything with precision. You can zoom in and zoom out easily without any particular vision issues.
  • What you will also require is a movement holder. Through this tool, you can make sure that your movement is safe and secure. The best part about a movement holder is that it is flexible depending upon all kinds of watches- be it a Mondaine watch, Triwa watch, Olivia Burton watch or the Braun watch, movement holders can hold about any kind of movement.
  • Dirt and dust are your watch’s worst enemy and can cause serious damages in the long run. Blowing air through your mouth to remove the dust is not recommended because of the moisture content which might lead to further contamination and damages to the functioning of your watch. Rubber dust blowers are your go-to tool from your watch repair kit to remove that dirt from your timepiece for better functionality.

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